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Conditional blocks in Distributed Documentor

Posted on July 13, 2014

I've added a new feature to Distributed Documentor today, conditional blocks.

The idea is that parts of the documents can be enabled when a given condition is present. This is very similar to C's ifdef blocks. To use it with the MediaWiki syntax, put [When:X] and [End] commands in separate lines:


First conditional

First and second conditional

Second conditional

Snippets can also have conditional blocks.

There are two possibilities to set which conditionals are enabled:

  1. Specifying it with command line arguments, such as

     java -jar DistributedDocumentor.jar -D FIRST -D SECOND

    This is useful when exporting a documentation from command line, or to launch the documentation editor with a predefined set of enabled conditions.

  2. On the user interface, using View menu's Enabled conditions... menu item: