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I'm senior staff software engineer at Ziverge, working on Golem Cloud and various open source projects.

Highlighted projects

  • clipp is a functional command line argument parser and usage information generator for Scala
  • desert is a binary serialization library for Scala, focusing on supporting data type evolution
  • golem-services the Golem platform
  • golem-wasm-ast is a Rust crate for working with WASM components on a higher level
  • prox is a Scala library for working with system processes
  • wasm-rpc WASM RPC for Golem
  • zio-aws is a low level ZIO interface for the full Amazon Web Services
  • zio-flow is an engine for executing persistent, distributed, fault-tolerant applications, providing an easy and powerful way to build stateful serverless applications in Scala.
  • zio-k8s is an idiomatic ZIO client for the Kubernetes API.
  • zio-parser is a library for constructing parsers and pretty printers based on invertible syntax descriptions
  • zio-openai is a ZIO wrapper of the OpenAI API
  • zio-wasm is a zio-parser based syntax for WASM and the Component Model

Work experience

2024-: Senior staff software engineer at Ziverge and Golem Cloud

  • Leading the team developing the Golem Cloud platform.

2020-2024: Senior software engineer at Ziverge

  • Worked as a consultant at Coralogix and other clients helping them develop backend services using Scala and the ZIO stack.
  • Since 2023 I'm working on Golem Cloud, a new serverless platform implementing the durable computing paradigm on top of WebAssembly technologies.

2018-2020: Senior staff software engineer at Prezi

  • Owning Prezi's document related services. Continuously improving the Scala Tech Stack for Prezi and using it for creating new backend services. Working on Prezi's document object model.
  • Since 2019 October: Software Architect of Prezi Editor and Video backends
  • Since 2019 September: Having the additional role of Software Architect of Prezi Editor Backend; Responsible for keeping the health, maintainability and performance of the editor's backend infrastructure across all involved teams, from an engineering perspective.
  • 2018 fall: Creating a new service using Akka Clustering and Persistence to support new Prezi workflows, making some existing backend processes faster and more stable by moving them to our Scala tech stack

2014-2018: Senior software developer at Prezi

  • 2017-2018: Unifying our Haskell and Scala codebase by migrating all code to a common Scala stack. Owning and hardening all Prezi document related services, helping other teams to use this Scala stack for their own services.
  • In 2016: Making Scala with akka-http a generally accepted standard backend technology at Prezi.
  • Since January, 2015: Working on Prezi's document object model and on collaboration and related backend services, using primarily Haskell, Scala, Haxe and C++.
  • In 2014: Developing and operating critical backend services, improving their availability, using Python, Scala and some Clojure.

2007-2014: Senior software engineer at KOTEM

  • Design and implement a 3D GD&T application as the lead developer in a small software engineering team. Designing and implementing the application that integrates FORTRAN, C, C++ and C# components into one modern user friendly CAD application.

2009-2010: Freelancing

  • OpenGL based image viewer control in C++ for Windows and OSX
  • Lua interpreter ported to .NET CF
  • Ported a Java based Lua interpreter to J2ME
  • Developed a simple C++ AMQ server using Asio, working on Linux
  • Made some changes to a C# windows application
  • Developed a special client and server application for Linux and OSX, using C++ and Asio
  • Developed a HTTP/HTTPS proxy running on Debian Linux that filters, corrects and pretty prints downloaded XML documents (based on feedback from a Python based web server), using C++ and Asio
  • Learned and used Dyalog APL for developing applications in the dental business

2004-2006: Software engineer at Kódforrás Kft

  • Developing a .NET based complex dispatcher system with a team with four members. The projects contained several services and clients.
  • ASP.NET based customer feedback system
  • Editors, utilities and server side components for a content management system
  • Developing an embedded measurement, reporting and control application for PocketPC using .NET CF